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Main Objective

Benefits of becoming a member


Benefits of becoming a member

  • To promote and propagate the excelling qualities of Tamil Language, Tamil Literature, Tamil Grammar, Tamil History and Tamil Culture.

  • To promote and propagate the exiling qualities of Tamil Language, Tami Literature, Tamil Grammar and Tamil History

  • To co-ordinate and to improve the life style of the Tamil in Toto.

  • To explore the greatness of Tamil’s Architecture identical with Temples, palaces and monuments.

  • To expose the greatness of emperor Raja Rajachola, Rajendra chola and the world heritage monment Big temple

  • To probe the intricacies iconography of Tamil nadu.

  • To identify the significant qualities of ancient paintings of the Tamils.

  • To explore the integration of the Tamils and Tamil culture over the other parts of Indian and abroad.

  • To find out the real History of the Tamils and Tamilnadu.

  • To search the originality of the Tamils performing Arts like drama dance, cosmetology cooking likes other forms.

  • To design and develop the eco, cultural and heritage tourism relates into Tamils, Tamil and Tamilnadu.

  • To find out the natural and cultural resources of Tamils and Tamilnadu and to conserve them.

  • To promote the research onthe above and other related subjects by publications, seminars, discussions, workshop, short term courses, Lectures, Teachings and preachings and to score Tamilsociety by establishing institutions and schools and collages indifferent discipline.

  • To stage the quality art forms of the Tamils in regional national and international forums with special reference traditional plays, sports and varma.

  • To educate the identical futures of life style of the Tamil tradition to the integrated Tamil and other interested area.

  • To upkeep the Tamil tradition in water management, irrigation, agriculture, missionary cobranding etc.

  • To highlight the utility of humbled medicine and medicinal food.

  • To promote the traditional plastic art forms of the Tamils.

  • To honor the eminent Tamil personalities, outstanding artist, sculptures, architects, scholars, researchers with titles and awards.

  • To support genuine research work related including financial support.

  • To run periodical related with Tamil studies in English and Tamil.

  • To find out the talented Tamil in different disciplines. In all over the world unto proceed collaborationunto promote Tamil and Tamils by mutual contributions.

  • To encourage young people indulged in related studies, performance and researches with scholarship research space, and equipment’s.

  • To organics joint ventures with other organization of India and abroad for research project, conferences, lectures, and courses.

  • To promote field work related Tamil studies.

  • To document all the out comers of research, conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops,field notes and performances by book, volume, Adios visual forms and e-media.

  • To accomplish scholars and interested once to avoid all these outputs at price and philanthropic modes.

  • To develop the awareness of the greatness of Tamil among other ethnic and racial people.

  • To collect and compile the recent findings relevant with our objective.

  • To invite outstanding scholars for short term basis to have counselling, confessions and arising in Tamil, language literature arts, science, medicine technology and space research.

  • To find out adequate land, building and infrastructure for Tianna Tamils saangam which will truly reflect the Tamil trilithon and culture with authentic values.

  • To Develop knowledge in Tamil Language , by conducting classes on Tamil literature, Fine Arts and Culture, by arranging seminars , cultural festivals , publications and distribute awards for the outstanding performances etc.

  • To establish inter-state and international relations on development of Tamil Language and cultural harmony by arranging seminars and conferences of international level.

  • To provide education to the children and eradicate the child labour and also work and assist their parents as welfare measures

  • To disseminate awareness among women, their rights and providing them ways and means for their livelihood.

  • To educate rural folk by eradication of illiteracy and helping them for their upliftment.

  • By providing necessary amenities for international and Inter-state scholars for their research work and performance of cultural shows, exhibition, conference.

  • To run a well equipped library for the benefit of students of Higher studies in India and abroad and to provide internet facility for them for their study and research.

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